W. J. May & Associates
Processing, Packaging and Protecting


A & B Process Systems                               WWW.ABProcess.Com


Polished Stainless Steel and Hastelloy Equipment for the Pharmaceutical, Food, Biotech, Ethanol and Fine Chemical Industries. Vessels, Tanks, CIP Systems, Modular Skid Systems, Piping. Construction Services.


Advanced Polymer Coatings                       WWW.Adv-Polymer.com


Unique Patented Polymer Tank Linings for Aggressive Conditions

Linings for Rail Cars, Tank Trailers, Structural Steel and Much More.

Eliminates Cross Contamination of Cargos, Handles High Temperatures and Metal Flexing. Lining for Bag Houses, Stacks, and Much More!


Atlas Minerals & Chemicals                            WWW.AtlasMin.Com


Corrosion Resistant Construction Materials: Epoxy and Vinyl Ester Coatings

and Linings, Thermoplastic Sumps and Trench Liners, Acid Resistant Brick &

Tile Systems.  Plastic Fabrication.


Bionomic Industries, Inc.                                  WWW.BionomicInd.Com


Complete Wet and Dry Scrubber Systems, ScrubPac Packaged Units, RotaBed Fluidized Bed Scrubbers, HEI Wet Electrostatic Precipitators.  Bag Houses.


Custom Equipment Design                  WWW.CEDPackaging.Net                           


Bulk Bag Loading and Discharging Equipment and Systems, Drum and Gaylord Box Filling Systems. Turntables and Conveyors. Upgrades and Repairs.


De Dietrich Glass Lining                          WWW.DDPSinc.Com 


Glass-Lined Process Equipment, Tanks, Rotary Dryers, Parts, Pipe, Service

And Accessories. Glass-Lined Nutsche Filters, Columns and Rotary Dryers.


De Dietrich Process Systems                 WWW.DDPSinc.Com 


Engineered “Turn Key” Process Systems, QVF Borosilicate Glass Reactors, and Systems. Engineered Distillation, Evaporation, and Heat Transfer Systems. 


Fab-Tech Inc.                                                WWW.FabTechInc.Com 


Stainless Steel Vent Duct and Pipe Internally Coated with ETFE Teflon®.  Factory Mutual (FM) approved. Duct 2" to 120"; Schedule 10 pipe sizes 2" to 18".


Jaeger Products, Inc.                                 WWW.Jaeger.Com

Raschig USA                                      WWW.Raschig.Com


High Performance Tower Packing and Column Internals.  Mass Transfer

Engineering and Design. Structured Packing. Mist Eliminators


Packaging Systems International           WWW.PkgSys.Com


Valve Bag Packers and Open Mouth Bag Filling Systems. Automatic High

Speed Bagging Systems. Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Systems. Bag Palletizers, Bag

Elevators. Bag Flattening Conveyors. Upgrades and Repairs.


Praxair Surface Technologies              WWW.PraxairSurfaceTechnologies.com


Fluoropolymer Coatings for Industry - Formerly Sermatech-ISPA - Ceramic, Metal and PFA. 


Rosenmund, Inc.                                           WWW.DDPSinc.com


Agitated Pan and Spherical Dryers. Filter Dryers and Glatt-Inox Universal

Dryers. Laboratory and Pilot Filters. Alloy Nutsche Filters.


Specialty Equipment Co.                             WWW.SpecialtyEquipment.Com


Fully Automated and Manual Drum, Tote & Pail Liquid Filling Systems, Conveyors, Drum Palletizers and Fume Booths.  Conveyor Parts & Service.


Tankinetics, Inc.                                            WWW.Tankinetics.Com


Custom Engineered FRP Composite Equipment for Processing and Storage. ASME RTP-1 and ASME Section X Class 2 Stamped Vessels through 82’ Diameter. Custom Filament Wound Pipe, Duct and Stacks, and Field Services.

  • Chemical Process Equipment and Systems
  • Packaging Equipment  and
  • Pollution Control Systems
  • Corrosion Resistant Materials

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