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Advance Polymer Coatings for the Transportation Industry
2 Oct 2011

Advanced Polymer Coatsings has formulated the polymer into the ChemLine® brand of coatings to provide unique high performance coatings that are 90% solids with extremely low VOCs. APC used a cross-linked organic-inorganic polymer to attack problems and corrosive deficiencies of conventional protective coatings and linings such as vinylesters, epoxies, rubbers, phenolics, and stainless steel.

The ChemLine® coating system significantly improves anti-corrosion esistance and maintains product purity. Following application, ChemLine® is heat cured, which results in a cross-linking of the polymers together into a tightly knit, extremely dense 3-dimensional molecular structure with 784 Crosslinks versus 4 for epoxy and vinylesters. And unlike other coatings, ChemLine® cross-links through an ether (carbon-oxygen-carbon) linkage. This eliminates high concentrations of hydroxyl groups (found in epoxies) and precludes formation of ester groups (found in vinylesters) that are subject to hydrolysis and acid attack.

The hard smooth surface of ChemLine® resists 98% of all corrosive acids, alkalis, solvents, gasses and materials at various temperatures. It is highly effective against extreme corrosion and erosion, with a temperature resistance capability up to 500°F (260°C). ChemLine® serves everal functions; to protect the infrastructure of the equipment from leakage and corrosion, and when applicable, to protect the chemical and/other liquid contained inside to ensure product purity.

More than 5,000 chemical and physical tests have been performed to provide clear data of how ChemLine® performs for specific chemical needs. In addition, extensive testing and years of field service in transport, and at storage and processing facilities have proven ChemLine® superior to stainless steel, and epoxy and zinc-based coatings.

The ChemLine® coating also offers excellent bond strength and adhesion.

ChemLine® offers the outstanding capability to transport aggressive chemicals, by withstanding chemical attack, and also resisting the abrasiveness of pellets and crystals when carrying this media. In Europe, for over-the-road, rail and product tanker (ISO tanks), APC works closely with Hüni GmbH + Co. KG, from Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Hüni + CO has more than 45 years of experience as a high performance oating applicator for corrosion protection and uses ChemLine® to coat an array of tanks, containers, and apparatus for the chemical industry and all branches of the processing industry. This working relationship began in 2004 when Hüni + CO was looking to complete its portfolio of high performance coatings with a product that could withstand a wide array of hazardous chemicals. ChemLine® has been the ideal choice to fulfill this need. Successful ChemLine® applications for Hüni + CO have included IBC’s, ISO tank containers, bulk chemical storage tanks, process reactors, and scrubber columns.

In another transportation industry, a sister coating, MarineLine®, is dedicated exclusively to the Marine Transport Sector, and is now employed on more than 350 marine chemical and product tankers worldwide traveling the high seas.

In the Chemical Processing Sector, ChemLine® presents corrosion solutions for chemical processors to protect their valued assets. ChemLine® coatings do not allow permeation through the lining, thus protecting equipment and structures by resisting the inherent corrosive nature of hazardous chemicals.

In the Petroleum Production & Refining Sector, ChemLine® coatings are specially formulated for use in a wide range of applications in and around the operating environment.

In the Tank Storage & Terminal Operation Sector, ChemLine coatings are considered an investment in the integrity and longevity of tanks against corrosion and chemical attack. Because there are thousands of different acids, alkalis, solvents, and other liquids stored in tanks throughout the world, lining the insides of these tanks with the right coating system to prevent corrosion is paramount to ensuring a long service life for the tank and to protect the purity of the chemical inside.

Other applications where ChemLine® coatings have been effective include slurry tanks, pipes, scrubbers, FGD units, stacks, ducts, bag houses, tanks, trenches, pits, sumps, clarifiers, secondary containment areas, reactors, structural steel, hot steel structures and steam pipes, clean rooms, floors, rail cars and hopper cars.

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