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Atlas Chemester Mortar Protects Inside Tile Chests and Highly Corrosive Environments
3 Oct 2011

CHEMESTER MORTAR is an epoxy novolac based vinyl ester resin mortar for chemical resistant brick and tile vessel construction.

CHEMESTER MORTAR is an epoxy novolac based vinyl ester mortar designed for use in the pulp and paper industry, as well as the metal working, chemical and food process industries for joining chemical resistant brick and tiles. Applications in the pulp and paper industry include bleach make up tanks, chlorine dioxide towers and preretention tubs, washers and floors.

CHEMESTER MORTAR has outstanding resistance to many oxidizing and nonoxidizing acids, bleaches, alkalies, solvents and salts. Refer to chemical resistance chart for specific information. CHEMESTER MORTAR meets the requirements of ASTM C395, Standard Specification for Chemical Resistant Resin Mortars.

CHEMESTER MORTAR is available in white or black.


40 lb. (18.1 kg.) Unit Consisting of:

One -1-gal. can of Resin (8 lb. [3.6 kg.])
One - bag of Powder (32 lb. [14.5 kg.])

210 lb. (95.3 kg.) Unit Consisting of:

One - 5-gal. pail of Resin (42 lb. [18.1 kg.])
Three - bags of Powder (56 lb. [27.2 kg.]) ea.  

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