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20 Jun 2018    Welcome Aboard Envitech

 W. J. May & Associates is proud to announce our affiliation with Envitech Inc. of San Diego, CA.

7 Jun 2018    Plastic Liner for Sumps and Trenches

Anchor-Lok from Atlas and Minerals can help you deal with chemical corrosion and thermal cycling in sumps and trenches, not to mention make leak detection a snap! 

5 Jun 2018    What's in Your Bone Yard?

De Dietrich Process Systems is looking for your old glass lined steel vessels. 

13 Oct 2011    Refurbishing Glass Lined Steel

Reglassing of glass lined steel reactors, tanks and equipment is a cost-effective way to add life to your processing equipment. Turnaround is quick.

5 Oct 2011    Concrete Priming In Wet Conditions

Often Plant Operations won't allow for an unimpeded cure cycle for epoxies coatings, linings or setting beds. Green Concrete can delay a containment project for weeks. Atlas has solutions for this issues with their innovation moisture tolerant primers and setting beds. Polymer Concretes can sure in wet or submerged conditions and yield high levels of chemical resistance. When you need to install an acid proof floor in less than ideal conditions, Atlas has you covered.

3 Oct 2011    Work Horse Mortar for Paper Mills

Atlas Chemester Mortar is an epoxy novolac based vinyl ester resin mortar - DERAKANE reliability - ATLAS Experience.  

Designed for use in the pulp and paper industry, as well as the metal working, chemical and food process industries.  

It is "the" preferred mortar for tile chests, bleach tanks, chlorine dioxide towers and floors.

2 Oct 2011    Lining Rail Cars

Install a hard "ceramic like" polymer coating to maximize the versatility of your rail car. Less expensive than rubber lining, easier to clean, handling more chemicals with no contamination. More profits, quicker turnarounds. ChemLINE from Advance Polymer Coatings and our network qualified installation contractors make this a win-win opportunity for anyone with a tank car.

1 Oct 2011    New Line of Corrosion Resistant Materials

W.J. May & Associates is proud to announce their addition of Advanced Polymer Coatings (www.adv-polymer.com) to their lines of corrosion resistant materials. Not an epoxy, but rather new polymer coatings designed to protect equipment from acid, caustic and abrasion attacks even under high heat.

15 Aug 2011    New Floor & Wall Coating

Adding Carbon adds Versatility to a Proven Protective Coating!


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